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What should you do before “that” thing happens?

I am one of those people who are realists and those around me see it as being negative. While it may appear that way, I am always focused on preparing for the future, so it only makes sense that I have started talking to my mom and dad about getting life insurance (like lifeshieldhq.com). They say that it is not affordable to them, but I have already agreed to help them pay the premiums if they need. Some people see this as a gold-digging move, but I see it as being wise about what may happen in the future.

It is inevitable that my parents will pass away sooner rather than later, especially since they both have health problems and they are nearing their 70s. It would be foolish to sit around and stay quiet about it when I know that I do not have huge money piles to the ceiling I can use to pay for their funerals. The price that I am willing to pay for the premiums is fair and it will help ease my mind since I will not have to scramble when the time comes trying to figure out how I am going to pay for everything.