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Common Sun Damage To Your Eyes

The damage the sun can do to our health has become increasingly better understood, but most people still only think of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. However, damage to the eyes is a very common health problem and these are the three most common issues (talk to lasik eye surgeon for tips on how to avoid these issues).

1 – Macular Degradation
Long term unprotected exposure of the eyes to direct sun light is one of the leading contributing factors to old age blindness. It is caused by UV damage to the retina and can be easily avoided with UV filter eye wear, but is unfortunately not reversible.

2 – Skin Cancer
Cancer of or around the eye lid is also quite common (making up 5 to 10 percent of all skin cancer cases) as it is an area often not adequately protected with sun screen. When unprotected, it is the lower eye lid that receives the most direct sun exposure and damage..

3 – Cataracts
This is a clouding of the lens and is quite common in old age. However, sun exposure can bring these on prematurely and require eye surgery to rectify. A lot of cataract cases can be avoided by using UV protective eye glasses at all times when exposed to the sun (not sure if it can be removed by a laser eye surgeon).