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How To Choose A Cat Litter Is A Process Of Trial And Error

How to choose the best clumping kitty litter is often a process of trial and error. While some consumers might think they can just get the cheapest one, or whatever one is on sale or they have a coupon for, seasoned cat owners know that reality is very different. While your wallet always matters and price is a consideration, the real trick is finding a balance between keeping yourself happy but also your cat happy too.

When it comes to you, then you need to be happy with how easy it is to clean up kitty litter, either while still in the box or if it gets loose across the floor. You also need to make sure that it adequately absorbs excrement and urine. You first want this so your cats stay clean and don’t track such substances across the home. You secondly want this so that odors stay contained or do not happen in the first place. The right cat litter you choose will totally mask negative scents and odors, but some of them unfortunately do this by having overpowering smells of their own, which can trigger sensitive or allergic noses.

Your cat also must approve of the cat litter that you choose, and kind of has a vote in the process. If your cat refuses to use a particular litter, then it simply will not work. The cat might go somewhere else, or just make a total mess of what you put in the box.

It can take a patience-testing process of trial and error as you choose different brands of cat litter and try them out one at a time, but once you find a winner, stick with it, especially if your cat somehow indicates that it is purr-fect.