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3 Italian Restaurant Options To Avoid While Pregnant

Many women crave Italian food when they are pregnant. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, there are some selections that should not be on their plates (any Italian Restaurant Miami would agree). If you are expecting, here are three items you should avoid ordering.

Caesar Salad

You might believe that a salad is the perfect thing to eat while pregnant, but not this kind. many versions of this dish contain raw egg in the dressing, and this is not safe for consumption by pregnant women.

Alfredo Sauce

Even if you are craving this creamy delight, you should try your best to avoid it. While it might be incredibly tasty and satisfy your urges, it is filled with saturated fat. This is not particularly healthy for you or the baby.


This cured meat is not cooked at all, which is a big no-no for pregnant women. It can be riddled with listeria, and that can cause serious problems. It is best to stick to meats that are fully cooked.

You may be craving Italian food (Italian food in Miami is irresistible) if you are pregnant and satisfying your belly is essential. With that said, make sure that you do not eat anything mentioned here.